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Powder and Bulk Engineering International is a technical publication devoted to readers in the powder and bulk solids market outside North America.

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Automatic bag palletizers: Robotic versus conventional (Free)
Choosing an automatic robotic palletizer over a conventional automatic unit isn't always the best option. This article compares features of both palletizer types and outlines their benefits to help you determine which is best suited to your packaging operation, production rate, and budget.
General Features
Ask an Expert: When we speed up the blower, the conveying rate gets slower. Why? (Free)
A pneumatic conveying system is complex, and pressure can either drop or rise with increased airflow depending on whether you’re using dilute- or dense-phase conveying. If you have a dilute-phase system, increased airflow (or, more precisely, a higher air speed) may give you an increased pressure drop. A number of factors could be contributing to your decreased conveying rate. Here are a few.
Agglomeration Advisor: Agglomerating dry detergents
Manufacturers today use many different agglomeration methods, which depend on the materials used, the desired final product, and marketing concerns. This column looks at examples from the dry detergent industry.