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Powder and Bulk Engineering International is a technical publication devoted to readers in the powder and bulk solids market outside North America.

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Latest Focus
Five fundamentals for effective blend sampling (Free)
Does your powder blend meet your uniformity requirements? This article describes five fundamentals for ensuring that your sampling process accurately demonstrates your blend quality.
Shape up (Free)
This article discusses the importance of understanding particle shape, along with how that shape can change during the process and how those changes can affect your process and product.
General Features
Ask an Expert: Powder spills in dust collection systems (Free)
When a reader asks how to design a dust collection system that will transport spilled powder as well as dust, columnist Gary Q. Johnson explains how to design a system that operates as a spillage hopper feeding a dilute-phase pneumatic conveying system. Johnson also offers tips on preventing spills in the first place.
How to select a continuous level sensor (Free)
Various types of continuous level sensors are available, but which one is right for you? This article offers tips on choosing a sensor that’s best suited for your application.