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Plant tour articles

Send your plant tour idea to the Editor:
Jan Brenny
Powder and Bulk Engineering International
• 1155 Northland Drive • St. Paul, MN 55120
+1 651-287-5619 • fax +1 651-287-5650 • jbrenny@cscpub.com

Proud of your plant?

Plant tour articles show off your dry bulk solids plant and your process by “walking” the reader through the plant and, specifically, through one production line. Often, a plant tour article features a company that has made a significant improvement to its facility or process. Your story can give other readers ideas about how they might make improvements at their plant.

The article is based on information you provide and an interview our editor conducts with you, generally by telephone. All articles contain photos furnished by you. Details about photo requirements are described in a section below.

PBEI plant tour articles follow a set format. They

  • Provide background information about your company.
  • Introduce problems or challenges, if any, that led to equipment, process, plant size, or other notable changes.
  • Discuss how your company addressed these issues.
  • Introduce your manufacturing process.
  • Take our readers on a tour of a particular processing line from start to finish.
  • Briefly explain each key piece of equipment in the processing line. The article will identify some equipment by model and manufacturer.

What we need to get started

  • A basic description of your plant facility, the material it handles or processes, and the type of processing it does — such as size reduction, compounding, or a combination of many processes. You can provide company brochures or other materials for background information if you wish.
  • Contact information for a person we can interview by telephone at your plant.
  • Photos showing your plant and, specifically, the production line featured in the article. See the section called “Photos” for more information.

The process

Once we receive the above materials, assuming the article fits PBEI’s editorial plans, we’ll tentatively schedule it for an issue, assign an editor, and let you know approximately when we’ll start working on the article and be conducting interviews.

The editor will interview you and write the article to suit PBEI’s format and style. Prior to publication, PBEI will send the article to you so you can review it for technical accuracy and correct any technical errors.

Normally, we allow 24 to 48 hours in our production cycle for the accuracy check. If you know your company will require more time, please let us know at the beginning of the editorial process. (Please be sure before we start that you have your company’s approval to do the article.)


Magazines are a visual medium. Good photos will attract readers to your article and help them understand the information you are presenting. We encourage you to provide several photos that we can select from.

The photos will help tell the story of your plant. They must show equipment used in the featured production line, preferably in operation. When possible, include workers using the equipment. Additional photos that would add information to the article are welcome — for example, the raw materials before they enter the production line and the final product. Try to acquire a variety of photos for the editors to select from.

The best photos will clearly show the equipment under discussion. “Action” photos — showing equipment actually processing, or people working with the equipment or process — will be more interesting than static equipment shots. Close-ups of the equipment or process can also be effective. A supplier’s nameplate should not be a prominent part of the photos.

Photo formats

  • Submit good-quality photos in either color or black and white.
  • You can send glossy prints, slides or transparencies, or digital files on a CD-ROM or Zip disk or by e-mail.
  • If you send high-res photos by e-mail, please send each photo in a separate e-mail.
  • Digital photos must be at least 300 dpi at a 4.5-inch width.
  • Preferred digital formats are eps and tiff.
  • Photocopies, prints from inkjet printers, and half-tone prints and negatives aren’t acceptable.


Every photo you submit must have an appropriate caption. Give as much detail as you want. We’ll edit it to fit the article’s space and content needs.

Don’t write captions directly on the front or back of photos. Type the captions separately and masking-tape them to the back. Or very lightly but clearly mark a number on the back of each photo. Then provide a list of captions on a separate sheet, numbered to correspond with the photos.

Mailing photos

If you mail your photos to us, protect them by putting them between sheets of cardboard. Don’t use paper clips or staples. We’ll return all images that you request; however, we can’t be responsible for any accident that may occur or any loss in the mail.

Editorial calendar

For an editorial calendar that shows each issue’s focus, special features, and editorial deadlines, contact the Editor or click here.

If you’d like your article considered for a particular issue, contact the Editor several months before the issue is to appear. Generally, the articles for an issue are selected about 4 to 5 months before the issue date.

After publication

Copyright status. On publication, the article’s copyright is assigned to PBEI, including the right to use the article on our Web site, for promotional purposes, and for possible inclusion in an anthology. You must obtain PBEI’s permission to post the article on your Web site or to make copies and distribute the article.

Complimentary issues. We’ll send you two complimentary copies of the issue that contains your article. If you need a few additional copies, please let us know.

Reprints. If your company wants reprints of the article, our production department can quote prices and work with you on designing the reprint’s format. Contact Chris Myers for information (651-287-5611, cmyers@cscpub.com).

If you’d like to see a sample plant tour article, contact the Editor.

Thank you!

PBEI relies on professionals like you to keep our readers informed about the latest and best technology and equipment in our industry. Thank you for sharing your story with PBEI’s readers.


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Send your plant tour idea to the Editor:
Jan Brenny
Powder and Bulk Engineering International
• 1155 Northland Drive • St. Paul, MN 55120
+1 651-287-5619 • fax +1 651-287-5650 • jbrenny@cscpub.com