Upgrading your dust collection system can greatly improve its dust capture performance, process flexibility, energy efficiency, and long-term viability. This article presents a practical four-step plan for helping you improve your dust collection system's performance and value now and into the future.
In today's tough economy, many bulk solids processing plants are cutting capital spending to the bone. If you decide to upgrade your dust collection system in this difficult business climate, you need to consider which of several potential system upgrades can achieve your performance goals with a maximum return on investment. With so many technology and equipment upgrade options available, it can be tough to find the right solution. To start narrowing your options, gather a project team with representatives from each plant department -- including production, engineering, maintenance, and environmental, health, and safety -- involved with the dust collection system. You'll need to work together to assess the existing system's performance, determine what upgrade options are available, and plan how to make the needed upgrades while staying within your budget. Each team member will bring helpful questions and insights to the process based on that member's unique role in the plant.