Do you need to convey a material from one floor of your plant to another through a 4-inch-diameter hole in the ceiling? Or do you need to convey a material around a large piece of equipment? A flexible screw conveyor may be the reliable, cost-effective conveyor you've been looking for. This article provides general information about flexible screw conveyors and then explains how a typical flexible screw conveyor works. The final section describes design factors to consider when choosing a flexible screw conveyor.
A flexible screw conveyor moves bulk material vertically and horizontally through a plant or at any angle in between, curving and bending around objects and through narrow spaces. Applications include conveying material from mixers, manual bag dump stations, bulk bags, bins, drums, and other containers to reactors, packaging equipment, molding machines, or other process equipment. The conveyor handles almost any bulk material, including fine powders such as fumed silica; larger particulates up to about 2 inches in diameter, such as peanuts; extremely dense material such as metal powder; and compressible material such as titanium dioxide.