CD of live broadcast 5/11/10

Presenter: Herman Purutyan, Chief Executive Officer of Jenike and Johanson, Inc.

Moderator: Robert Harkin, Associate Editor of Powder and Bulk Engineering

Feeders are used to control the rate of bulk material discharge from a bin into a process. Unfortunately, many engineers designing powder handling processes have not had proper training on correct selection and implementation of feeders, including screw, belt, and rotary valves. Without proper training for selecting feeders, your process can experience costly problems such as erratic discharge, flooding, particle damage, or abrasive wear. The content covered in this Webinar will help you to understand the fundamental principles involved in selecting an effective bulk solids feeder. Special feeding applications, like micro-feeding, will be presented. The techniques have been proven across all industries and are based on a scientific approach that can solve existing problems or prevent problems from developing with a new process requiring a robust feeder.

  • Feeder vs. conveyor
  • Process requirements and the operating environment
  • Know your bulk material
  • Basic features of common feeders (screws, belts, rotary valves, vibratory)
  • Proper interface between a feeder and a hopper
  • Special feeding applications

  • CDs are non-returnable/non-refundable