CD of live broadcast 8/2/11

Handling or processing powders and bulk solids can be fraught with problems, whether you are dealing with chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, foods, metals, or a myriad of other materials. It has been documented in many cases that silos designed without representative bulk material flow properties can have costly flow problems. To avoid this pitfall, you can use a proven, scientific method for silo and feeder design.
This webinar will provide insights into common flow problems that arise when powders and bulk solids are put into silos, bins, and hoppers. Ways to characterize a material's flow properties will be presented along with proven, practical, and cost effective storage solutions. This topic is critical to all industries in which bulk solids are being handled, processed, or refined, because greater emphasis is being placed on process optimization, safety, and cost reduction, all of which are often dependent upon reliable bulk solids handling in storage systems.

Some important points to be covered during the webinar:
  • Common flow problems (e.g., arching, ratholing, and flooding)
  • Measuring vital bulk solids properties
  • Defining storage system requirements
  • Selecting the outlet size and shape
  • Selecting the hopper type, slope, and contact surface
  • Feeder considerations

Presenter: Eric Maynard, Senior Consultant, Jenike & Johanson, Inc.

Moderator: Robert Harkin, Associate Editor of Powder and Bulk Engineering

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