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11/30/2017 - Metso appoints three business area heads, executive team members

HELSINKI, Finland — Metso Corp., an industrial company serving the mining, aggregates, recycling and other process industries, has made three appointments as part of the company's previously announced planned changes to its operating model and organization. Mikko Keto has been appointed president of the Minerals Services business area. He's currently senior vice president of the Spare Parts business line. Markku Simula has been appointed president of the Aggregates Equipment business area. He's currently senior vice president of the Aggregates business line. Sami Takaluoma has been appointed president of the Minerals Consumables business area. He's currently vice president of the Nordic market area. The three appointees will be members of the Metso executive team beginning 1 January 2018.

11/28/2017 - Haas Group to merge with Bühler Group

UZWIL, Switzerland — Haas Group, Leobendorf, Austria, a wafer, biscuit, and confectionery production system supplier, has been acquired by Bühler Holding AG. The merger is expected to close by the end of 2017 and, according to Bühler, no Haas operating bases or employees will be impacted by the deal. Recently appointed Haas chief operating officer Germar Wacker will continue on as the head of the company. The merger will help expand Bühler's consumer foods product business. Bühler provides production and processing technologies for the food industry.

11/24/2017 - Schenck Process's German test center provides pneumatic conveying expertise

DARMSTADT, Germany — Schenck Process's Darmstadt test center now supports testing of complete integrated solutions. The Pneumatic TestCenter is colocated with test rigs for accurate testing of weighing, feeding, and handling of bulk solids materials. The company opened the test center at its headquarters in 2008. With the additional testing capabilities, customers can view complete integrated solutions, run tests in real-life situations, and allow for accurate estimations of energy requirements and degradation results for specific materials. The pneumatic test center facilities include vacuum and pressure conveying, up to 15 metric t/h performance, dilute-phase and dense-phase conveying, 50- and 100-meter loops, and a rotary valve outfeed station with optional intermediate bulk container or belt weigher. The company supplies weighing, feeding, conveying, screening, automation, and air filtration equipment and offers custom designing, sizing, specifying, fabricating, and OEM process integration services.

11/22/2017 - Freeman Technology begins operations in Germany

TEWKESBURY, England — Freeman Technology Ltd. has begun operating an office in Germany to serve powder processing companies in a range of industries. The move follows recent company expansions and the diversification of its product line. The company specializes in powder characterization equipment, including a rheometer and a uniaxial shear tester, and has inline material flow measurement capabilities offered in partnership with Lenterra Inc. The company also has operations in the USA, China, Japan, and Germany and distribution partners in key global territories.

11/20/2017 - Ingredion creates ingredient to produce flowable food powders

WESTCHESTER, IL USA — Ingredion Inc. has announced that its N-Zorbit 2144 DG ingredient allows manufacturers to transform spices and flavors in oil form or liquid-based active ingredients into a homogenous powder. The plating agent ingredient is a solid carrier, meaning that it absorbs a liquid and transforms it into a powder. The powder produced is free-flowing, meaning that it doesn't clog up processing equipment and evenly mixes into food and beverage formulations.

The ingredient is derived from waxy maize, is approved in the European Union, and can be labeled as "dried glucose syrup" or "glucose syrup." on a product's nutritional label. The company's ingredient could offer a substitute to the expensive spray drying process, a process that isn't possible with all materials. For example, honey is a material that's difficult to spray dry. The company is a global ingredient solutions provider for the food, beverage, paper, and pharmaceutical industries.

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